Coaching is a dynamic relationship that inspires you to clarify your purpose and flourish in your calling.

Together, we will examine areas of your life where you long for transformation. Our regular calls will encourage and challenge you to:

articulate your dreams and desires, 

clarify your values and purpose, 

establish your vision and goals, 

create realistic action plans and 

achieve measurable outcomes as you 

discover and pursue God’s plan for your best life.

What does a coach do?

As your coach, I will be your champion and your sounding board, asking thoughtful questions to help you grow in self-awareness. I will challenge you to explore your options and view your circumstances from a new perspective. I will be a reflective listener, hearing not only your words but also your heart. I will encourage your strengths while being honest, direct and objective about the things that may hold you back.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone who is ready to move forward toward their best life! 

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business? 

Are you a mom who feels like you’ve lost your identity? 

Are you a leader who desires greater impact? 

Are you feeling stuck and looking for a way forward?

No matter what season you are in, our coaching conversations will: 

ignite your passion, 

tap into your strengths, 

remove obstacles and

create an attainable plan to

help you flourish in your calling!

How does coaching work?

We’ll customize your coaching experience according to your needs in this season. Before each session, you’ll fill out a prep form to help you clarify how you’d like to focus our coaching conversation–you’ll set the agenda, but I’ll manage the overall coaching process. As your coach, I will give you my full attention, asking you challenging questions to deepen your learning in the safety of a relationship where our shared goal is your growth. 

What coaching is not…

Coaching is not consulting, mentoring or discipleship. The coach is not the “expert” and does not give advice. We will work together to design actions that are most meaningful and relevant to you!

Coaching is not counseling and should not replace therapy. If unresolved past hurts make it difficult to move forward and look toward the future, counseling may be required before an effective coaching relationship can begin.

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Your best life is waiting!