Anyone who knows me understands I just can’t keep quiet when I find something I love.  Here are some of my favorites of the moment, whether books or music or other treasures too good not to share! Check them out below and be inspired for yourself:


The lovely Katelyn Koch decided for her 26th birthday to sell 26 of these lovely hand-lettered prints to benefit Preemptive Love Coalition and their work to provide relief to families fleeing war and help refugees rebuild their lives in Syria and Iraq. Check out her Etsy shop here to order your own, or grab one for you and one to give away! In Katelyn’s words:

“I was reminded by my dear friend @shareloveeverywhere that we can still be catalysts for change, even in what seems like the smallest of ways. The most dangerous thing we can in life is do nothing. Even the smallest of things can be make a difference to someone, and my hope is that together we can make at least one person’s life a little brighter.”


This. I may be a little late to the Ellie Holcomb party (where have I been?!), but I couldn’t possibly love this any more. These words are my anthem of hope, ringing in my ears day and night to remind me who I really am. We need these songs like oxygen.


Rebekah Lyons’ journey in Freefall to Fly inspired me to discover the God-given passions within me. Her story is the reason I started writing, for which I am forever grateful. Her latest book, You Are Free, is a promise of hope to any willing to embrace the life we’ve already been given. I’m working through it slowly with friends, and I want every woman I know to experience the beauty Rebekah invites us to reveal to the world. I couldn’t love this more! (And the cover is stunning, to boot.)

I first heard about Ann Swindell through a friend of a friend I’d asked for writing advice. She told me about Ann’s writing course as a tool to grow in my new passion for writing. I’ve since taken three separate courses she has offered, which have each transformed my approach to writing, given me practical tools to improve my craft, and encouraged me to love Jesus more with my life and words. I can’t recommend anything Ann teaches highly enough! Check out her current courses here and prepare to be changed in the process.


My friend, Stephanie, sealed forever my love of Noonday jewelry when she signed up to be an ambassador for this amazing company. Noonday Collection is a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world. Not only do they sell stunning hand-crafted items that make me feel lovely when I wear them, but they also create a marketplace for vulnerable communities outside my normal sphere of influence. These products are beautiful, but the heart behind them is life-changing! (Did I mention you can host a party to support adoptive families, too? Yup. Love it!)