This week, I discovered that an HGTV pilot show is being filmed in our very own town! (Deep breaths…I’m TOTALLY calm.) Right now, in Ellensburg, a local couple is renovating a house as camera crews document the process. I’ve gone from dreaming about planning a trip to Waco, Texas to meet Chip and Joanna Gaines to driving past The Porch House and introducing myself to Cathy and her team in just a matter of days.

ALL MY WILDEST DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE. I’ve always loved home design and decor, ever since looking through floor plans with my mom when I was a kid, “playing mind games” as we dreamed about building a new house someday.

I love how HGTV allows regular people like me to dream about ways we can make our own worlds a bit more beautiful.

There really is something hope-producing about taking an old house, especially one that’s run down and seemingly past repair, and fixing it up. I love watching people like Cathy and her husband, Garret use their vision, creativity and massive amounts of hard work to transform four dilapidated walls into a beautiful home.

Don’t we all love beautiful things? Beauty in any form causes me to crave more of it–whether it’s in the form of breathtaking nature, a compelling story, loving moments between kids, or a room that says, “You are welcome here.” Beauty is meant to inspire, to invite us in, to make our hearts sing.

It turns out that imperfect things are the most beautiful. Imperfections are proof that something is real. Authenticity is always more lovely than artificiality.

That’s why I love home renovation shows. I used to dream about becoming an interior designer, even helping a handful of people make design decisions for their own homes at different points. Then I realized my gift is less in the artistic design process and more in the appreciation of good design. I sure know something pretty when I see it, but please don’t ask me to create beauty out of nothing! I can’t handle the pressure.

Even though I’ll probably never fulfill my dream of becoming the next Joanna Gaines, I can’t get enough of her story and stories like hers. Reading about her and Chip’s journey in The Magnolia Story inspired me to start dreaming again, giving me permission to risk and ask “Why not?” when obstacles arise.

I’m so thankful for the advent of reality tv and how it invites us in close as normal people live their lives for us to watch. It’s heartening to know we don’t have to fit a certain mold to live our dreams–we just have to be ourselves. Thanks, Cathy and Garret, for bringing a good old-fashioned dose of inspiration to our world! We need more people like you to give us permission to embrace our real lives and become our truest selves.

Out of curiosity, did anyone notice that my blog has changed names several times in the past few weeks? That’s because, just like me, this site has always been a work in progress.

I started this blog a couple years ago, fighting against every perfectionistic ounce of me that wanted to wait until I knew what I was doing to start writing. Oh, how thankful I am for my friend who told me just to start, perfect or not. Isn’t that just life? We’ll never try anything if we wait until we know what we’re doing.

So, like the new name says, I’m releasing perfect. The more I publicly declare my intention to live fully today (instead of waiting until someday when I get my life together), the more I live freely as my real, imperfect self.

There is nothing this heart desires more than restoration. What if, like an old, dilapidated house, restoration is possible for the broken down, imperfect parts of ourselves too? I think it is. Scratch that, I actually know it is–because I’m living it. (But I can’t say too much here. Spoiler alert: I’m working on a book about my whole story! It’s a beautiful, life-giving process just to write it all down. I hope there will be a chance to share it someday!)

In the meantime, I will do everything I can to promote  “Rehab Crazy,” but not just because I love HGTV. And not just because our town really is a hidden gem full of old historic homes and amazing people with inspiring stories. My true motive in becoming an HGTV stalker is because watching people living their dreams gives others the hope they need to chase after their own.

Check out more of Cathy and Garrett’s story on their blog,

Featured image used with permission and originally appeared here.

2 thoughts on “How I Became an HGTV Stalker

  1. Love the new name for your blog! Such an exciting week too. You will make your dreams happen and help others find theirs.


    1. Thanks, Mimi! You are the source of all home decor inspiration and passion in my life, so we’re definitely in this ride together for the long haul! 😉 Love you!


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